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Parents, please read aloud to your children. I do not believe a child can ever be too old to read to or to enjoy being read to. This invaluable time with your children has many benefits! Schedule specific times for read aloud so that your child can look forward to those special quality moments with you. Choose a book that is a year or two above your child’s independent reading level. Children need to be taught HOW to understand what they are reading. Use these strategies to model what good readers do. I highly recommend reading The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease for more information on the importance and "how tos" of reading aloud to your child.

Frequently asked questions about reading aloud: Why read aloud? How is a lifetime reader created? How can something as simple as reading aloud to a child be so effective? Where is the better vocabulary: conversation or reading? How important is it that the parent be a reader? When should I begin and stop reading aloud to my child? How is my child's reading going to get better if I'm doing the reading? What makes a good read-aloud? Should children follow along in a book as you read aloud? For answers to these questions and many others, please see excerpts from The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease.

- - We read to children for all the same reasons you talk with children: to reassure, to entertain, to bond; to inform or explain, to arouse curiosity, to inspire. But in reading aloud, you also:
a.. Condition the child's brain to associate reading with pleasure;
b.. Create background knowledge;
c.. Build vocabulary;
d.. Provide a reading role model.
Jim Trelease- -

More reasons to read aloud to your child AT ANY AGE!

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