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Addition Strategies

Not many addition strategies because most 4th graders have grasped this concept
155 + 28 (splitting strategy for addition)

Traditional algorithm

Subtraction Strategies:

35-18 (compensation strategy for subtraction)
Adding Up Using a Number Line (Adding up to subtract, number line)
Adding Up (Same as adding up using a number line, just recorded differently.)

Compensation with bigger numbers 3,298-327

Close to Spring time, we will learn the US algorithm for Subtraction!
Khan Traditional Algorithm Subtraction

Multiplication Strategies:

Beginning Multiplication Strategies for Larger Numbers

Late September early October
Strategy to multiply multiplication problems that are bigger than 12X12. Don't split both factors yet! Great strategy to use when one of the numbers is still 12 or smaller.

To practice the strategy above go to this link, print out array cards to 144, and play big array, small array. If you don't know how to play, watch the video on the link under multiplication games. Make sure and write your mathematical equation each time you cover a big array.

Mid to late October
Strategies with 2 digit by 2 digit where both numbers are large like 48x76 and you need to split both numbers to solve. Here are two strategies that w we use a lot.
Open Area Model
Rainbow Strategy

Other strategies:

Later in the year
Array Strategy for BIGGER numbers!
Lattice also for BIGGER numbers, uses place value
See why lattice works here

Division Strategies:

Multiplying UP

Partial Quotients Or the Big 7 strategy.

You Tube has lots of help videos for Big 7, ask an adult to pick out some for you.

Partial Quotients Power Point

Partial Quotient on Khan Academy

The Progression of Division