Year at a Glance


Why should my child read EVERY night?

Print a bookmark to help before, during and after reading!

Log in to Book Adventure with your user name written in your agenda, and practice your comprehension.


Pearson Successnet

Try our different strategies for each operation!!

See our kids using these strategies!

4th Grade Number Talk

Multiplication Properties

See how we begin to learn about fractions:

Beginning Fractions

Fraction of a set of numbers

Help your child with fluency
What about math in the middle school?


Stages of Writing


If you need to practice being neat or letter formation. or you just want extra practice, click here for lots of fun with handwriting!
Print a LINED BLANK PAGE to practice your handwriting.

Click here to practice cursive letters after you print a handwriting lined page from above.

Type any word(s) to practice it in cursive

Lowercase Cursive Animated

Print Paper to Practice Handwriting

Lots more practice!


Spelling Bee 2012

Go to Spelling City, do activities, then take a test on each of the Dolch and Site Word lists. Re-do if you score below 90%

Spelling patterns we study: Spelling Connections Zaner Bloser

Tips For Helping Your Child Study, if you have any questions about any of these ways to help your child, just email me:

Need lists of words to study spelling? Try these!

Here are a few more ideas:
Chalk Boards
Magnetic Letters
Tri-or Quad fold Pocket Chart
Paper Letters
Dry Erase Boards
Rhyme Charts and Word Families
Bingo and Board Games
Cut out words and put into family groups
Play Look, Cover, Write, Check
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
Play a language game
Go to word helper

Social Science

Print a form to give your child permission to watch pg movies. These movies will enhance our curriculum, they will go with a book we are reading, or a theme we are studying.


Print a form to give your child consent to have email.


- Look back at the week and bring home things for any tests written earlier in the week. (Write over in agenda each day if necessary)
- Check off at pack up time
- return things to backpack right after doing homework
- schedule for homework time
- consistent place for doing homework