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Reading log-1st 9 weeks

Read and log in agenda

Reading Logs-2nd 9 Weeks (4 1/2, 4 1/2)

Reading Log-3rd 9 weeks

[[file:reading log front/back.doc]]
Reading Log-4th 9 Weeks
Read and Log in your agenda.

*Read 20-25 minutes Monday—Thursday. Include in this time:
1. You reading an upper level book to your child. (a read aloud)
2. Your child reading his or her reading log book and logging it on the form. (This should take up most of the 25 minutes.)
If your child does not know a word, ask him or her what could be done to figure out the word. Have your child figure out unknown words in which the meaning is not known by:
  • Re-reading the sentence and putting in a word that would make sense.
  • "Reading on" a sentence or two and then coming back to figure out what the word means.
If your child has difficulty pronouncing a word:
  • See if your child can find familiar “chunks” in the word.
  • Look at the picture.
  • If it is a word that follows known rules, sound it out.
  • Check the letters of the word to make sure they match what was said.
  • Find little words in big words.

3. Make sure your child is UNDERSTANDING! :)


Investigation Math Assignments Pearson Successnet

Bedtime Math (Parent site)

Directions for Math Games

Math Help Videos: http://teacher.tenmarks.com/
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Beginning Fractions

Fraction of a set of numbers

TEN MARKS Review Log
Math Game Log

Social Science

Parts of a Flower

Parts of a Bee

Lilfe Cycle of the Wisconsin Fast Plant:

Chemistry Study Guide

Maps and Globes

Our Continents Song

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Practice your spelling and vocabulary

Wordly Wise Lessons

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