Animal PowerPoint Rubric
  1. 1. Included all information about the animal, I can tell you researched your animal thoroughly. _/33 points
1. Why did you chose your animal?
2. What do you want to learn about your animal?
3. In what part of the world can your animal be found? List specific countries.
4. Describe the habitat in which your animal lives.
5. What are some of the unique characteristics your animal has that allows it to survive in its habitat? (For example, an alligator’s eyes on the top of its head allow it to see above water while it swims.)
6. What kinds of food does your animal eat and how does it get the food? Is it a carnivore, herbivore, or an omnivore?
7. How does your animal relate to other animals? Is your animal a predator to others or is it a prey for other animals? Name a few of its enemies.
8. What adaptations for protection does your animal have?
9. Where do they go for protection?
10. Describe your animals habitat and tell what other animals live in your animals habitat?
11. What type of ecosystem does your animal live in?
12. What other interesting information did you find out about your animal?

  1. 2. Pictures are included in the slideshow. _/20

  1. 3. There are 13 slides. _/15

  1. 4. You shared your Power Point with me. _/10

  1. 5. There is background color on the slides. _/10

  1. 6. Grammar and spelling _/15

Total Points /100 Grade___

Extra credit: There are slide transitions, word transitions, SHORT videos, animal sounds.