Alternative Energy:

Research these energy sources and make a GOOGLE SLIDESHOW using these directions:

Slide 1: Title your slideshow "ALTERNATIVE SOURCES of ENERGY" and your name and a picture of an alternative source of energy.

Slide 2: Title this slide "Hydroelectric Power".Watch this video about electricity made from water - Hydroelectric power video. Explain how power can come from water on this slide and add a picture.

Slide 3: Title this slide “Wind Energy”. After watching this BrainPop video about Wind Energy , add at least two facts about energy made from wind. Add a picture that represents WIND energy.
Slide 4: Title this slide "Solar Energy". After watching the BrainPop video on Solar Energy, add at least two facts about how the sun gives us energy. Add a picture that represents SOLAR energy and add it to your slide.

Slide 5: Title this slide "Geothermal Energy". Read about geothermal energy on Energy Kids. Explain where this source of energy comes from and add a picture.

Slide 6: LAST SLIDE. Watch this video about energy use at Disney and list THREE ways energy is used at Disney and then ADD a picture.

When you are done, upload it to the Extra Credit assignment on Google Classroom.