Slide 1- Title Slide All About Alabama and title your whole Google Slide All About Alabama

Slide 2-Table of Contents-add to this each time you make a new slide, include the slide number and the title of the slide.

Slide 3-Title slide for regions and waterways

Slide 4-9- 1 slide for each of the 5 regions of Alabama-and the black belt each, slide should have 1 picture, 3 animals, 3 plants, 2 landforms, 3 natural resources and major waterways in your region.

Slide 10 My drawing of Alabama Regions include 6 regions, borders, different colors and a title.

Slide 11 - State Symbols include 5 symbols and 5 pictures. Use your Week 1 Social Studies Weekly

Slide 12 - 15 Landforms You can use this link, find at least 8 landforms. Arrange 2 landforms on each slide. Each slide needs 2 titles, 2 pictures, and 2 definitions. Find facts about landforms here. Or use this poster. These will help too! Use your own words!!!

Slide 16- Pre-Columbian Natives (Use Social Studies Weekly Week 3 as a resource)
Include 3 facts about Woodland Indians, 3 facts about Mississippian Mound Builders, and 3 facts about Later Tribes of the Southeast. Optional-1 picture

Slide 17- Rivers of Alabama Title your river, include a picture, and the main idea or most important part of each category. When you are done with your slide, you will import your slide to a class Google Slides on all of the major rivers of Alabama and copy the link to this slide.

Slide 18-Trail of Tears-Use what you remember from our nearpod and our Week 7 Social Studies Weekly to make a slide about the Trail of Tears. Include a picture and many facts about what happened and WHY it happened.

Slide 19-Slavery in Alabama (Include how they got here, how they were kept from running away, where they lived, how they dressed and ate and any other facts you found.) Include a picture.