Flipped Lesson:

1st Watch this School House Rock video

2nd watch this lesson on adjectives and type in your answers at the end. Retake until you get them all right!

3rd Now open this document and follow your directions!! :)

Brainpop Adjectives

Adjective Intro Video on You Tube:
School House Rock Adjectives

Interactive Sites:

Grammar Games

rampolini (adjectives)

1. All About Adjectives. Neat Site!

2. Grammar Show: Adjectives

3. Adjective Detective. Find the adjectives.

4. Adjectives Quiz: 3 levels of difficulty

5. Choosing Adjectives. Complete the sentences with adjectives.

6. Grammar Blast - Adjectives

7. BBC Schools Adjective Game. You are a newspaper writer. Help choose adjectives to complete the stories.

8. Adjectives Practice Test: 20 Multiple Choice Questions

9. Grammar: Parts of Speech: Adjective
This page has a picture of an elephant and room for students to write adjectives describing it. This is a good learning activity for use with the SMARTboard.

10. Circle the Adjectives. This activity has students circle the adjectives in sentences and then brainstorm their own adjectives to use in writing new sentences. Could use this with a SMARTboard.

11. List of Adjectives from ABC Teach. Students can use this as a resource when writing sentences with adjectives.

12. Adjectives Crossword Puzzle. Check your answers.

13. Adjectives Hangman

14. Adjectives Wordsearch

15. Adjective Quiz

16. Adjective Resource Pages:

17. Neat Lesson Idea: